The 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming SmartPhonesOf 2020

The 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Smartphones of 2019-2020

A life without mobile phones seems pretty meaningless and almost excruciating to say the least. Along with the necessity factor, people are also willing to flaunt and own the best in the business. Certainly, the best smartphones right now are not the ones to ignore.

In the year 2019, the usage of smartphones has peaked like anything. The statistics of this particular year compared to that of previous years is something that is almost incomparable. The graph is bound to go even higher in the coming months.

Out of the lot, the best smartphones capture both the market as well as the eyeballs. The features that are about to roll out will most likely make people consider these particular phones and convince them to upgrade from their existing smartphones.

Technological Advancements in Smartphones of 2019-2020

2019 can be considered as the fluid year since a lot of new technologies are coming to the picture. It is certain that whether people are looking for it or not, these few features will definitely get them interested in the same.

The mid-2010s saw the introduction of Bezel-less smartphones. The only thing that concerned a lot of people was that the Bezel-less feature was only introduced in mid to high-end smartphones. This was something that irked the community.

Not everyone was willing to shell so many bucks on buying a bezel-less smartphone. To explain it in detail, a bezel-less smartphone is one which doesn’t have any added space of emptiness between the touch screen and the edge.

Technological Advancements in Smartphones of 2019

No real space is wasted and the entire front screen is a touch panel of the smartphone. Doing so, a lot of clutter could be removed with a massively sized touchscreen on hand, both figuratively and literally.

2017 onwards, bezel-less smartphones became a norm and even entry-level smartphones started having these. This was a big thing since larger touchscreens meant a lot of room to deal with. People started having higher resolutions and better quality.

Right now, in 2019, the biggest talking points as far as advancements in smartphones are concerned are as follows:

  • Mobile Phone Cameras
  • Foldable Phones

Mobile Phone Cameras are going absolutely crazy right now. There are so many new things that are coming into the fray. First of all, mobile phone cameras are having more number of sensors nowadays than ever.

Usually, all of the mobile phone cameras had wide-angle lenses. Even now, most of the smartphone cameras have wide-angle lenses. But, off late, depth sensors and TOF Camera or Time-of-Flight Camera are also being a part of smartphones.

At this rate, things are going to be extremely advanced in the coming days. Similarly, the concept of foldable smartphones has also seen the light of the day. Beginning with the Kyocera Echo back in 2011, the concept of foldable smartphones has always been fascinating.

Foldable Smartphones will not only make a phone a lot more attractive, but it will also reduce the size occupied by a smartphone. Certainly, it will look a lot more interesting than a normal smartphone going around the market currently.

5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Smartphones of 2019-20

Considering these new features underway, there are quite a few smartphones that will catch more than a couple of eyeballs. These phones will most likely rule the roost as far as the smartphone market is concerned.

Cell Phone Evolution

The 5 most anticipated upcoming smartphones of 2019 are as follows:

There are quite a few smartphones that have already made a mark on the market in 2019 such as the Redmi Note 7 Pro, etc. But, these particular phones will definitely have a great game as far as Android Smartphones are concerned.

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