Macro Photography Larger Than Life Versions

Macro Photography – Larger Than Life Versions

Macro Photography is something that is incredibly satisfying within the community of photography that exists. In order to go ahead with Macro Photography, you would need a Macro Lens. Now you would be saying, “hang on! What is a Macro lens?”

Everything will be explained here. There is no need to feel worried. There are a plethora of lenses that people use to shoot their favorite images. Depending on the requirement, the type of lens changes accordingly.

The different types of camera lenses in contention right now are:

  • Prime Lens
  • Telephoto Lens
  • Macro Lens
  • Specialist Lens
  • Kit Lens

In these different types of lenses, macro lenses are the ones that are used for macro photography, naturally. In simpler words, these lenses are built differently compared to others. We will discuss how a macro lens works in detail.

Macro Photography – How Macro Lenses Work 

A Macro Lens works exactly in the opposite way of how a Telephoto lens does. In the case of a Macro lens, the target that is about to be captured is extremely close to the camera compared to that of a telephoto lens.

In such a case, the system of convex lenses is set up in such a way that the refraction would have to travel more distance than the one taken by the light to enter the camera in the first place. This line might sound extremely confusing in the first place.

Here is a schematic diagram to explain the same:

How a Macro lens works | Macro Photography
Source: ResearchGate

As you can see, in a normal lens, the object conjugate is way larger than the image conjugate. It means that the light is made to travel less distance by adjusting the lenses to converge the light a bit too much.

On the other hand, the light entering a macro lens is made to travel a longer distance, hypothetically. In reality, the light is made to bend less after passing through the lens. This leads to the formation of a bigger image at the other end.

The bigger image makes us see the extreme detail that is otherwise not really visible to the naked eye. Sometimes, people think that excessive zooming might kill the quality of an image. But it is not the case if it is optical zoom.

And right here, we only have a situation of optical zoom. There is no case of digital or electronic zooming here. Thus, there is no way detail and clarity will be compromised. All of the bugs and snowflakes that you wanted to capture won’t betray you now.

5 Best Macro Lenses of 2020

There are quite a few macro lenses available in the market. Out of those, for the year of 2019, these are the best macro lenses based on their usability, popularity and other features stated by the photography community:

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

There might be other macro lenses as well. It is nowhere meant that these are the only good ones out there. Feel free to express your favorite macro lens in the comments section below.

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